• COVID-19 Update

As we continue to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our customers, drivers and employees safe continues to be our top priority. Here’s an update on what we’re doing to support our drivers and employees during this difficult time:

Our team are still working remotely to support the new localised lockdown tiers, and continue to deliver our ‘business as usual’ support as much as possible. Our response times to email and calls may still be slightly longer so please be patient with us. If you are classed as a key worker, please let us know so we can prioritise you wherever possible.

Here is some guidance to cover some of the key FAQs:

Are car manufacturer factories closed?

No, many factories continue to remain open in line with Government advice and COVID-19 safety guidelines. However, with most manufacturer’s being closed earlier in 2020, we expect a small production backlog and so lead times are likely to be extended on some factory build vehicles. We do remain able to offer ‘stock car’ vehicles which have a shorter lead time.

Are all car dealerships closed?

Most dealership back offices remain open to place orders and arrange contactless deliveries as per our normal process. However, you may notice some showrooms and car dealerships closed in line with localised lockdowns but this shouldn’t affect your order, collection or delivery.

I have a Tusker car

If you are currently in a Tusker car, you can still contact us in the usual way through our driver line, by email or by logging onto the website and using some of our self-serve services. For any questions, please remember to refer to your driver guide or to look through the comprehensive FAQs on our website.

What happens if I breakdown?

The RAC have confirmed that their roadside service is operating as normal. Their response times may be slightly longer as their priority for rescue will be the key workers highlighted by the government. For more information about how they’re protecting the well-being of their employees and customers, please click here.

What happens if I need a replacement tyre?

Our replacement tyres are with Kwik Fit whose network remains open and available for business. Their response to COVID-19 can be found here.

My car is due an MOT – can I still book it in to a garage?

Yes, you must continue to have your MOT completed. Simply contact the Tusker booking team in the normal way.

Can I still book my car in for a repair or service?

We are committed to keep our drivers safe and mobile. Our service and repair network remains operational but may be impacted by localised lockdown restrictions. Some garages are restricting certain services such as valeting, collection and delivery so kindly ask that if your car is due into a garage for any emergency repairs or service, you clean your car beforehand if possible.

In some instances booking and working capacities may be affected so depending on what is required, it may take longer for repairs to take place, or to get parts for any repairs. Our Maintenance team will keep you updated with progress along the way.

My car is due to be collected – will this still go ahead due to COVID-19?

We are still able to arrange collections although they will now be contactless. There may be some cases where we need to delay a collection due to COVID-19 but if you are affected by this, our team will contact you.

What happens if I have an accident?

Our accident management company, FMG are working remotely to support you and the majority of our repair network remains open. It may mean that any parts required may take longer to source and therefore your car may need to stay in the garage for a longer period. Please check here for the latest updates.

My Tusker car is on order

Unless a car is ordered from stock, we do expect to see some delivery delays with the cars we have on order depending on what stage they are in the order process and which country the vehicle is imported from.

When your car is ready to be delivered, a contactless delivery to you will be arranged to ensure safety at all times. We would then ask you to inspect your car and contact us within 48 hours if there are any issues with the condition of the car.

For drivers who are replacing their current Tusker car, there will likely be instances where we’re unable to deliver your old car and collect your new car on the same day (depending on the dealership) but the collection will be arranged as soon as possible after the delivery.

I want to place a new order

Our office and website remains open so you can still order a car through our website as per usual. If you need a car quickly, please visit the cars on our stock page. We continue to work hard with all manufacturers and dealers to secure larger volumes of stock cars in order to help employees ordering a Tusker car, to take delivery of their vehicle more quickly.

If you need any help or advice on placing an order or what car to choose you can contact our Employee Engagement team by emailing EETeam@ss4c.com or by phone on 0333 400 7431.

Do you still have stock cars available?

Yes, we still have a large range of cars in stock and continue to source more on a daily basis. You can view these on our ‘Cars Arriving Soon’ page on the driver portal. We’ve also managed to pre-order a number of vehicles so while they may not be immediately available, you can pre-order for a date in the near future.

For more information

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 400 2020 or by email at customerservices@ss4c.com.

Call us: 0333 400 3030

If you would like help placing an order or you are an existing driver.

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