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Competing for talent when money’s tight means finding ways to offer brilliant employee benefits without spending a penny. Salary sacrifice cars do just that and more. As well as boosting organisational budgets and making employees’ pay packets go further, CPC Drive cars are also carbon neutral, easy to set up and administer and they carry minimal risk.

Green car options provide employers and employees with even bigger savings - from April 2020, electric vehicles that emit no emissions will attract a 0% benefit-in-kind rate. Ultra-low emission cars will also attract generous tax breaks further reducing lease values. Our data shows that over a three-year zero emission car lease, employers can save on average £1,568 on Class 1 and pension contributions per year. And staff can expect to save around £4,000 over the duration of the agreement with fuel savings on top. Even if your staff don’t opt for a pure electric vehicle, hybrid cars offer some of the lowest emissions on the market all of which will be carbon offset through the CPC Drive framework.

Employee Benefits

  • Access to a wide choice of new cars - with a range of body styles, makes and models, our online comparison platform puts employees firmly in the driving seat.
  • No deposit or credit check - car salary sacrifice is an inclusive benefit your people will struggle to match on the high street.
  • A single, competitive all-in amount - from road tax, tyres and servicing to insurance, breakdown cover and routine maintenance. One simple amount covers it all.
  • Save cash, feel rewarded - special discounts and salary sacrifice arrangements generate significant savings for employees. Plus, the addition of a must-have benefit boosts employee reward packages, retention and engagement.

Employer Benefits

  • Cost neutral plus uncapped savings - monthly invoices are recouped from employees’ gross salaries easing cash flow. Ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) can also swell employer NIC savings on the salary being sacrificed. And reductions in gross salaries can also mean lower NI contributions on pension payments too.
  • Easy to run - our simple online system minimises the time and effort it takes to set up and run your scheme. And, if needed, our Shared Fleet Management Service is on hand to administer the benefit for a minimal fee.
  • Squeaky clean - we’ve done the due diligence so you don’t have to. There’s no need to tender with CPC Drive and you can be sure we’ve negotiated highly competitive public sector discounts and the most favourable contract terms.

"We’d looked at car benefit schemes in the past but thought there was lots involved to implement the scheme. However, once the details were explained, we realised there was minimal involvement required and it was simply a no-brainer to complete our transport offering." - Rosie Damarell, Reward Officer, The University of Lincoln

"CPC Drive takes all the stress away… insurance, breakdown support etc ...all you need is to drive your new car away. I also like the fact that it makes my salary go further. It’s the best choice I ever made." - Olubunmi Olayinka, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust employee

Employer of Choice

Attract, retain and engage employees with a tax-efficient car benefit scheme. Electric cars can save staff almost £4,000 over a three-year lease plus an average of £750 per year in fuel savings.

Low Risk

Our Lifestyle Protection scheme covers costs when the unexpected happens - like sickness, redundancy and other lifestyle changes. Providing protection for employees and employers alike.

Save Cash and Carbon

With new BIK rates from April 2020, your organisation could save on average £1,568 each year for every employee that opts for an ULEV. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and support public health.


Staff often expect a company car as part of their role and people in certain jobs need a vehicle to undertake their work. CPC Drive’s contract hire provides a great alternative to the risks of operating a grey fleet and the expense of car allowance and business mileage. And it provides a range of other benefits too:

  • Flexible fleet solutions - whatever your organisational goals, our bespoke fleet solutions are designed to meet them. Whether you want cars that consume less fuel and keep costs low or a cap on emissions that will reduce your carbon footprint and generate significant tax savings, we’ve got multiple vehicle options to fit the bill.
  • Our competitive tendering approach - every time a car is ordered, our framework provider Tusker seeks the best commercial terms available for your organisation and the driver, keeping rates low for the fleet’s whole-of-life costs.
  • Complete fleet support - our experienced fleet administrators provide a first-class service to your staff. From support with maintenance, servicing, license and insurance checks, to P11D reporting and payroll process support, we’ll cover your fleet administration requirements from end to end.
  • Simple online systems - move away from manual process and embrace the real-time insights generated by our online system. Finance and HR will be able to access the reports they need to accurately inform benefit-related and financial monitoring activities.

"Until we introduced the Tusker Car Benefit Scheme in 2015, there were hardly any benefits on offer to staff. Paramedics were leaving the service in considerable numbers, going to other NHS Ambulance Trusts who were perceived to offer a better package. This has now been reversed." - Greg Masters, Senior Human Resources Manager, London Ambulance Service

"Fast efficient service from start to finish." - Natasha Callender, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust employee

Attract, retain and engage

Brand new cars make public sector benefit packages more attractive. With competitive, tax-efficient lease values, your employees will enjoy the advantages of public sector employment, ensuring they feel valued by your organisation.

Uncapped savings

When organisations switch to CPC Drive, they typically save 10% on their fleet costs. All savings are passed back in full and NOE CPC members also benefit from activity-based income rewards based on scheme use.

One-stop service

Our dedicated team of fleet administrators make fleet operations simple. From new applications, renewals and in-life administration to account management, finance and payroll requirements, we take scheme administration off your hands.

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