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Here we give you all the information you need to know about driving an electric car. Find out more about the benefits of electric vehicles, how to charge your EV as well as the range of electric cars available on the scheme from leading manufacturers. If you’re already an EV driver, we’ve also included a range of tools to help you make the most out of driving electric.


Electric Driving Tools

The tools you need to start your journey.  We’ve also partnered with Zap Map to give you the best electric experience.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

When it comes to driving electric, the benefits go beyond just fuel savings.  With all leading car manufacturers now offering a range of electric models, there’s an ever growing choice of vehicles to choose from.  From small hatchbacks, mid-sized family cars to larger SUVs, and a range options between 100 to over 300 miles on one charge, they’re a convenient and high performance alternative for just about everybody.

From technology to driving style and environmental impact, find out the benefits you could get from driving electric.

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Cheaper to run than petrol and diesel alternatives
Models offering 100-300 miles of electric range
No ULEZ fees or congestion charge
Quiet to drive with reduce noise pollution
Regenerative braking for energy recovery
Pre-heating on most models for winter months
High performance driving
Opportunity for free parking in some areas
Huge options of cars from leading manufacturers
Income Tax and NI savings through Salary Sacrifice
Benefit in Kind incentives through Salary Sacrifice

EV Resources

From information on manufacturers to videos that will help you make the right choice, stay in the know with our up to date resources on electric and hybrid cars.

EV Charging

Charging can be a daunting concept for first-time EV drivers. We have put together some helpful articles to make switch to charging an EV easier.

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Find out more about Electric Cars

Articles to help you get behind the wheel of an EV.

Cost of an Electric Vehicle

The average cost of an electric car in 2023 was around £48,000 in the UK. Find out more about the difference between electric cars and their petrol/ diesel alternatives.

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FAQ’s about Electric Cars

Articles about Electric Cars