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What is the government doing to support the uptake of green vehicles?
There’s been a lot of noise about the uptake of electric vehicles but how much momentum is there behind the green driving
What happens in 2035
2035 is a date you see often quoted when it comes to electric cars along with the claim that when we get
Managing employee uptake of greener cars
Managing your employee uptake of greener cars Now more than ever, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a mainstay of company car and
What does your future company car policy look like?
As car technology advances rapidly and fleets are including more Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Hybrid Electric (PHEV) in the run up to
Are electric cars good for the environment?
Sales of electric cars rose globally by 40% in 2022, and with 276,203 new EVs hitting the roads in the last 12
2035 Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars
What is changing? All new petrol and diesel cars and vans are set to be banned from sale in the UK in
Electric Vehicle Mythbusting
We have collated some of the most common myths about electric cars to hopefully help you make the switch to an EV;
The Future of Electric Cars
EV orders soar as car tailpipe emissions plunge
All of CPC Drive’s tailpipe emissions are offset through Tusker. Tusker’s tailpipe emissions have nosedived since 2021, while its EV delivery numbers