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ULEZ Questions Answered
What is the London ULEZ? London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone was introduced to improve air quality in central London by imposing a
Tips for Driving an EV in Summer
CPC Drive’s top ten tips for driving an EV in summer With British summer time and school holidays fast approaching, the temperatures
Car Leasing vs. Salary Sacrifice - How does it work?
If you want a new car, but you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money up front to purchase
How much range do I need when choosing an EV?
You’ve decided to make the leap to an EV, but most models offer a range of different battery options. So how
How can drivers help the environment?
Drivers of EVs and hybrids may think their positive environmental impact is small. However, as detailed below, simply driving these cars can
Choosing between a Hybrid or Electric Car
Thanks to constant innovations in the automotive industry, the choice between an electric or hybrid car is a difficult one. The decision
Cheapest way to Charge an Electric Car
One of the biggest benefits of driving an electric car, in addition to zero emissions, is lower running costs. There are fewer
Driving your electric car
Tusker’s last annual survey showed that while EVs are fast becoming accepted by the majority of motorists, there were still a number
Dankse Bank Implements Tusker Car Benefit Scheme
Danske Bank UK has launched a new electric vehicle- focused car benefits scheme, implemented by Tusker. The scheme will offer a larger