Why introduce a salary sacrifice car scheme?

Competing for talent when money’s tight means finding ways to offer brilliant employee benefits without spending a penny. Salary sacrifice cars do just that and more. As well as boosting organisational budgets and making employees’ pay packets go further, CPC Drive cars are also offset against verified carbon projects to decrease their impact on the environment.

Electric car options also provide employers and employees with even bigger savings. Until April 2025, electric vehicles that emit no emissions will attract a 2% Benefit in Kind rate. Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles will also attract generous tax breaks further reducing lease values. Our data shows that over a three-year zero emission car lease, employers can save on average £1,568 on Class 1 and pension contributions per year. And staff can expect to save around £4,000 over the duration of the agreement with fuel savings on top. Even if your staff don’t opt for a pure electric vehicle, hybrid cars offer some of the lowest emissions on the market all of which will be carbon offset through the CPC Drive framework.

Workplace Charging Scheme

Reduce the cost of installing electric car chargepoints for your staff by up to £14,000. Organisations keen to provide charging points at their office locations for employees, could qualify to receive funding through the government’s Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant.

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Each organisation must determine the right way for it to introduce ULEVs into its fleet; there’s no set formula. We help our customers to understand that each organisation will have different needs.

How does CPC Drive compare?


With a huge range of vehicles to choose from, different fuel options available and amazing savings when you go green, CPC Drive allows your employees to drive a better car in the most cost-efficient way. 

Just like Cycle to Work, a monthly amount is deducted before income tax and National Insurance, which can result in great savings. Employees don’t have to worry about paying any extra for routine servicing and you don’t have to deal with a ton of admin to manage the scheme.

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* 2% BiK is available on pure electric cars until April 2025

No upfront deposit
Running costs included
Car insurance
Breakdown cover
Servicing, repair and MOT
Replacement tyres
2% Benefit in Kind (company car tax)*

An inclusive motoring package with CPC Drive in partnership with Tusker

“The Trust has been very pleased with the integration of CPC Drive.  We were supported on every step of the journey from initial discussions, to contracting, to launch of the scheme.  Regular meetings before and after launch meant that we could deal with any issues that arose quickly.  The marketing is excellent and can be tailored for maximum exposure, for example hosting webinars and live Q&A.  The choice of vehicles on offer is very good, and the employee protection provides greater peace of mind for employee and Trust alike than comparable schemes.  Having a dedicated account manager is also a key benefit to the scheme, and the knowledge that we can reach out at any point is greatly reassuring.  We are confident that this scheme will be a great benefit to staff, and help with employee retention.  I have no hesitation in recommending this scheme to other organisations.”

– Ed Pearson, Technical Accountant, York Teaching Hostpial NHS Foundation Trust – 

Why you should introduce a scheme to your organisation

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Employer of choice

Attract, retain and engage employees with a tax-efficient car benefit scheme. Electric cars can save staff almost £4,000 over a three-year lease plus an average of £750 per year in fuel savings.


Save cash and carbon…

With low Benefit in Kind on Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles, your organisation could save on average £1,568 each year for every employee that opts for a ULEV. You’ll also reduce your carbon footprint and support public health.


Risk protection for you…

Our Lifestyle Protection scheme covers costs when the unexpected happens – like sickness, redundancy and other lifestyle changes. Providing protection for employees and employers alike.


Running the scheme is simple…

Reduce the amount of admin you have to do with our clever online system. We’ll work with you to promote the scheme and you’re protected if an employee goes on long-term sick leave, resigns, goes on maternity leave or is made redundant.


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