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An inclusive motoring package via a Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme with CPC Drive, in partnership with Tusker.

Part of the Lloyds Banking Group Transport Division, Tusker is a carbon conscious company who provide both company car and salary sacrifice car schemes to UK organisations in both the public and private sector. They have over 20 years’ experience in providing company cars and are experts in providing award winning salary sacrifice car schemes to the Public Sector.

Salary Sacrifice one of the most affordable ways for employees to drive a brand new fully insured and maintained car, as a fixed monthly amount is taken from their salary and there is no down payment needed for the vehicle.  Drivers can also make considerable tax savings when they choose an electric car.

Meet with our experts and find out if our salary sacrifice car scheme is the right fit for your organisation.

A brand new car
Fully comprehensive car insurance
Breakdown, servicing, maintenance & MOT
Carbon reduction
Dedicated account managment & marketing
24/7 support
2-4 year agreement length on vehicle
Award winning customer service
Intuitive online platform