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Electric Vehicle FAQs
Your Electric Vehicles FAQs Answered   How do I buy an EV? The most obvious answer is that you can buy a
End of your Agreement with CPC Drive
What happens at the end of my agreement with Tusker in partnership with CPC Drive? As you near the end of your
Finding the right EV for you
There is the right EV out there for everyone, but which is your perfect four-wheeled partner will depend upon how you use
Semi-conductor Shortage Update
Microchip and Wiring Loom Update with Kit Wisdom Manufacturers around the globe have experienced a microchip and semi-conductor shortage since 2020, and
Electric vs. Petrol Debate
Even as recently as early 2022, it was easy to do your sums on running an electric vehicle vs petrol or diesel.
Electric Vehicle or Plug-in Hybrid?
Electric Vehicle or Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV’s) ? So, you’ve decided to look at an electrified vehicle… But do you just want to
Questions for launching a salary sacrifice scheme
Key questions for launching a salary sacrifice car scheme   How does salary sacrifice work? Salary sacrifice schemes are where an employee
Sustainability and the Cost of Living Crisis
Sustainability and the cost of living focus don’t have to be at odds Ali Argall, Tusker’s Business Development Director, talks of how
Electric car salary sacrifice for UK employees
Salary sacrifice – the better way to drive an electric car for thousands of UK employees. Having recently launched salary sacrifice schemes