The Benefits of Electric Vehicles

While the deadline for new car sales to be only EV has moved slightly, the move to electrification is still happening – with more people than ever before opting to make the switch. Driving an electric car has many benefits that go far beyond the obvious environmental argument, so here’s why driving an EV is such a positive;

  1. Lower Running Costs
  2. Efficiencies
  3. Improved Technology
  4. Driving Zen
  5. The Environment

1. Lower Running Costs

Electric cars have very few moving parts, and as a result they need less maintenance. Easily and affordably getting an EV via Tusker’s Salary Sacrifice scheme incorporates this into one monthly amount, but the real-world practicality means an EV will spend less time in a workshop.

Charging at home is another great way to save as you can configure your EV to take advantage of cheaper overnight electricity tariffs, significantly undercutting the rising cost of petrol. On average, drivers save around £1000 per year when driving electric – that’s quite a saving! Take a look at our cost of an electric page to find the more.

The Cost of an Electric Car

2. Efficiency

Something else that greatly contributes to a lower cost of ownership is how efficient EVs are. Conventional combustion (petrol or diesel) cars lose energy in the form of heat, noise and vibration aside from the useful movement of the vehicle. While an EV still loses some energy, they are hugely more efficient than a petrol or diesel car. Few moving parts reduces waste, while things such as regenerative braking recovers and redeploys energy otherwise lost. Sat in traffic? An EV is excellent in busy urban environments with its power only being deployed when needed.


3. Improved Technology

Connectivity is a big part of owning an EV with these ‘smart’ cars often able to connect to your phone via an app. Why’s that useful? From the companion app you can do everything from schedule charging times, monitor vehicle health, lock the car and even preset the climate control ready for frosty mornings.


4. Driving zen

Electric cars are largely silent when driving, making for a more peaceful environment. While that might not sound like a major benefit, over long periods behind the wheel it actually reduces fatigue. The science says that EVs are simply a more refined and relaxing means of getting from point A to point B.


5. The Environment

Our increasingly congested urban spaces are currently attempting to improve air quality, and EVs are the perfect solution. Electric cars produce zero tailpipe emissions and can be charged via renewable energy sources. Ultimately this makes driving much greener and the air much cleaner.

Many local governments are introducing clean air initiatives that penalise polluting vehicles. Owning an EV will make you exempt from such charges and could even save you a considerable sum if you regularly drive into city centres.

For more information on clean air zones and ultra-low emission zones, please visit:  or use our guide to the Low Emission Zone.

Guide to Low Emission Zones

Find out more?

CPC Drive’s Salary Sacrifice scheme can put a new EV on your driveway for an affordable and easy to manage monthly amount. Find out more here. If you are still not sure an EV is for you, take a look at some of our other resources.