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When do I start paying Benefit in Kind tax?
You don’t pay anything until you’ve received delivery of your car. If your employer doesn’t deduct at source then HMRC need to
Where can I find the BiK value of a car on Tusker's system?
Our online quotation system will automatically calculate the correct BiK value of the car you’ve chosen based on the fuel type, CO2
Are Electric Vehicles exempt from Benefit in Kind tax?
No, they’re not exempt but they benefit from the lowest level of company car tax. Currently Benefit in Kind is 2% from
What is ‘taxed at source’?
If a benefit is ‘taxed at source’ it means that the benefit you receive has already had the Benefit-in-Kind tax taken off.
How much is Benefit in Kind tax?
The amount depends on the car you choose as it depends on the cost of the vehicle, it’s CO2 emissions and your
What is company car tax?
Company car tax is also known as Benefit in Kind (BiK) which is a tax on benefits or perks provided by your