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What happens when I place an order?
We’ve explained the full order timline and what you can typically expect, here.
What happens if employees resign or are made redundant?
We work with employers to offer a range of lifestyle protections should an employees’ circumstances change such as maternity or paternity leave,
Is salary sacrifice the same as leasing?
It’s similar. There are additional savings to be made as it’s a tax efficient scheme, plus there is no deposit or credit
What are the end of the contract options?
The customer has three options available at the end of the contract period. Hand the vehicle back and replace with a new
What’s the difference between contract hire and salary sacrifice?
Contract Hire is essentially business leasing between the employer and CPC Drive, whereby the employer provides the car as a benefit of
Are there any credit checks for a salary sacrifice car?
No, as the arrangement is through the employer, no credit checks are required.
Is a deposit required for a salary sacrifice car?
No, we don’t require a deposit. The first amount is deducted from the driver’s salary the from the month delivery is made.
What happens at the end of the salary sacrifice car agreement?
There are three options; order a new car which will be delivered as the current one is collected, return the vehicle, or
What isn’t included in the scheme?
Our car scheme is designed to offer you a complete motoring package, however it doesn’t include fuel, payment of fines, engine oil,