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How do I charge an electric car?
Just like a lot of technology – simply by plugging it in. You can charge your car via a normal 3-pin plug
Are electric cars expensive?
ULEVs do tend to have a higher list price than their petrol or diesel counterpart if you were planning to buy them
How much does it cost to charge an electric car?
It costs on average £2 to drive 100 miles. In a petrol car, this would be £10 on average.
Which electric cars have the longest range?
This is changing all the time as more and more models are being made available in the UK. Some now have ranges
Do electric cars have enough electric range?
A typical electric range is around 250 miles and for hybrid cars this can vary but can often be as low as
Can electric cars tow?
Some can. There are a few models available, including the Tesla Model 3 and the Audi e-Tron which can tow and we
Are electric cars automatic?
Yes, they don’t have gear boxes.
How many makes and models are there?
Lots! Almost all manufacturers have an electric car model in their range and you can get electric vehicles in most car bodystyles
What are electric cars like to drive?
Electric vehicles have instant responses when accelerating due to 100% of torque being available at all times, they’re extremely quiet, and very