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Ariya SUV continues Nissan’s electric vehicle charge

We all know the Nissan brand thanks to hugely successful models such as the Micra, X-Trail, and segment-shaping Qashqai. As we enter this new age of electric motoring, manufacturers are facing big changes after over 100 years of combustion power. As impressive as news of 2,000bhp EV supercars is, the real challenge is democratising electrification.

Nissan’s electric journey started with the original Nissan Leaf – something of a pioneer for mainstream EVs – and now advanced with the new Nissan Ariya.

Why choose the Nissan Ariya?

The Ariya hits the nail on the head in terms of giving people what they want, arriving in the popular SUV form factor that delivers on a desirable high driving position and added sense of security behind the wheel. Taller vehicles also make life easier when loading the boot or fitting child seats.

The all-electric family SUV features the same strong build quality you’d expect from Nissan – perfect for those with young children requiring a durable cabin – but also an impressive new 12.3-inch infotainment system. There are a range of extras including a panoramic sunroof, a premium Bose audio system, and heads-up display.

How long does it take to charge?

Beneath the smooth pebble-like design of the Nissan Ariya is your choice of a 64kWh or 87kWh battery. The bigger battery claims up to 310 miles of range. For those looking for all-wheel drive, the e-4orce model delivers added traction along with an impressive 302bhp output. When it comes to charging, a 130kW rapid charge will get this car from 10%-80% capacity in as little as 35 minutes.

Nissan’s Senior Design Director, Giovanny Arroba, had a clear vision for the Ariya. He said:

“The surprisingly short overhangs, aggressive roofline and large wheels provide an elegant appearance that flawlessly balances sport and luxury.”

The Nissan Leaf

Nissan’s all-electric forerunner hasn’t been forgotten about. As popular as SUVs are, the compact nature of family hatchbacks remains a great fit for many. The Leaf in its latest generation has matured with more onboard technology and greater practicality. This electrified rival to the Ford Focus provides an affordable entry point for those looking to adopt an EV.

The Nissan Leaf comes standard with a highly usable 168-mile range, but this can be boosted to 239 miles via the Leaf e+ variant. You can charge at up to 50kW giving you a 20%-80% charge in an hour or the same in 90 minutes for the e+.

But why drive electric?

There are clear Benefit In Kind advantages to driving an electric car with both of these Nissan’s attracting a low 2% BIK rate. The nature of running an electric car means that general costs are low with reduced maintenance, better efficacy than combustion vehicles, and charging remaining cheaper than refueling a petrol car.

Many Tusker and CPC drive customers are enjoying affordable Nissan Aryia and Leaf motoring via its salary sacrifice scheme. One fixed monthly amount covers everything from the vehicle itself, insurance, and maintenance.

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