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Benefits are key for improving employee engagement

At Tusker, we have recently launched our multi-award-winning Scheme at Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (RCTCBC), where it’s proving a hit with employees.


Rhianydd Davies, Team Advisor at RCTCBC, has said, “We are always looking at ways to provide benefits for our employees but we have to be mindful of any potential cost implications. Tusker provided us with an opportunity to give something extra to our employees with no impact on resources or service provision.”


Maintaining and improving employee engagement has been a key aim for RCTCBC during a challenging period for the Public Sector. This led the People Development Team to investigate what additional benefits were available which could be offered to their employees.


Staff benefits schemes have proven to reduce employee turnover, while increasing motivation of employees, so it was a natural addition to the organisation.


Commenting on the implementation, Rhianydd says “As Tusker are already a part of the NPS framework, it was simple to begin the process of implementing the Car Benefit Scheme. The framework allowed us to introduce a whole host of additional benefits for employees at the same time.”


Rhianydd continues, “It was all fairly straightforward. We needed a benefits package which was cost neutral, and the Car Benefit Scheme is just that. Our main priority was to offer additional benefits to our staff so that they have the option to purchase items and make savings rather than borrowing at high interest rates.”


It’s been well received by employees who not only welcome the choice which the benefit provides, but also the simplicity of the scheme, which offers an all-inclusive car. Complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, tyres, servicing and maintenance, Tusker’s scheme ensures complete peace of mind for many people.


Rhianydd explains “The Car Benefit Scheme gives our employees the option of a brand new car that otherwise they might not be able to afford. One employee, a single parent, had a very unreliable car and now has a brand new one. She doesn’t have to worry about maintenance or unexpected costs; it’s complete peace of mind.”


The team at Tusker have been able to support the implementation and management of the scheme, answering queries along the way. Rhianydd agrees, “Tusker has been really helpful. They’re on hand to explain about tax implications, and to answer questions about the scheme, whenever they’re needed.”


Paul Gilshan, Tusker’s CEO, comments, “Employee engagement is a key factor for a lot of organisations. Our Car Benefit Scheme is proven to help reduce employee turnover, so it’s great that it’s helping so many of our customers in this way.”


For more information on the Car Benefit Scheme and how it could positively impact your employee engagement, simply call us, email, or request more information today!


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