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CEO awarded IAFN special award for Industry Services

Another industry award for David Hosking from Tusker.

Tuesday the 23rd May saw the International Auto Finance Network (IAFN) conference and awards ceremony and another prestigious award bestowed on Tusker’s CEO, David Hosking.

Having recognised David’s unique approach to leading Tusker, as well as his success when lobbying the Government during the HMRC consultation into salary sacrifice, the judges awarded David the IAFN Special Award for Industry Services. They commented that, “David Hosking has continuously delivered innovation by thinking outside the box and has achieved a great deal for the sector by lobbying hard.”

Following the announcement of the HMRC consultation in the summer of 2016, David met with Government officials and MPs on more than 65 occasions in order to provide advice and information on the detrimental impact of their proposed changes to salary sacrifice schemes for cars. The original proposals would have seen huge price increases for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs), which contravened the Government’s policy on encouraging drivers into less-polluting cars. David’s campaigning paid off and ULEVs were protected from any changes to salary sacrifice.

IAFN Special Award for Industry Services

I’m very grateful for this award from the IAFN. It’s fantastic to be recognised by my peers for my contribution to the industry

Colin Tourick, Co-Founder of the IAFN, highlighted David’s contribution during the HMRC consultation, as the impact to salary sacrifice schemes had been limited. “This has hugely benefitted those in the industry who offer salary sacrifice schemes, but also many basic rate tax payers as most of the people driving salary sacrifice cars would never qualify for a company car.” He added “David thoroughly deserves this award.”

David was thrilled to receive the award, which recognises his continued contribution to the industry, in which he has worked for the past 29 years. He comments “I’m very grateful for this award from the IAFN. It’s fantastic to be recognised by my peers for my contribution to the industry but I had the support and backing from my entire management team on the consultation so the award will definitely be shared amongst all of us.”

Tusker continue to be market leaders in Car Benefit Schemes, providing over 340 schemes for public and private sector organisations where employees can drive a brand new, insured and maintained car, for a fixed monthly amount.

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