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Home charging made simple

If you do not know your DCs from your ACs and you are not sure whether your home can support the fitting of a home charger, our expert team are on hand to help you with every step of the process.

Can I get a home charger?

Once you have ordered your car and filled in the paperwork, as long as you have off street parking, we start the process by asking our charging partner to contact you to arrange a home installation assessment.

The installation assessment helps them understand key information such as where your fuse box and electric meter cabinet are housed. You can also say where your preferred charge point location is going to be. They will then work out what cabling is needed and where the holes need to be drilled. Its important to fit your charger to meet with the installation requirements so our partner will take care of all of that. For instance, did you know your charge point must be fixed at a height above the ground of between 0.75m – 1.2m?

The complete assessment process is particularly important for older properties. We want you to enjoy the benefits of charging your EV with complete peace of mind that your home electricity supply is not going to be affected.

What if the survey shows additional works are needed?

If for any reason our installers identify that you need additional works such as a new isolation switch, an earth plate or ground works, these will be resolved prior to your charger being fitted.

Based on the engineer’s site survey, the specialists from the chargepoint provider will know where best to fit the unit. They’ll also tell you which type is suitable for both your house, your new car, and your likely charging needs. Then, before your new car is delivered, one of our expert installers will fit the charger to your home.

How long does installation take?

Typically, it takes under three hours for a charger to be fitted on a typical brick or plaster wall, which includes concealing interior wiring and external cabling being neatly clipped to external walls.

Where can I find more information?

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