How much does it really cost to own a car?

A report by MyJar this month showed that the average person spends £206,650 on owning cars throughout their lifetime. We were shocked to hear this, as there is a much more cost-effective alternative.

Tusker’s all-inclusive Car Benefit Scheme, which provides drivers with a brand new car complete with insurance, road tax, replacement tyres, breakdown cover, servicing and maintenance, is the convenient way to drive a new car, without the costs and hassles associated with ownership.

Where are drivers spending most of their money?

MyJar’s survey details that drivers are spending approximately £42,000 in buying cars, as well as £21,500 in insurance, £28,000 in repairs, £10,500 in servicing, £7,000 in tax and £3,000 in breakdown cover, over their lifetimes.

Compare this with a scheme from Tusker where drivers are reaping the savings in having these services as part of their all-inclusive package.

We take care of everything for our drivers… gone are the days of costly garage bills. It’s part of our commitment to worry-free motoring and enables our drivers to really plan their finances.”

–   Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker 

One of the cars in question as part of MyJar’s report shows the Smart ForTwo Coupe 1.0 Pure, which would cost the owner £9,995 to purchase. Over the course of three years, running costs total £12,629. In comparison, taking the same car on the Tusker scheme would cost £0 upfront and would save the driver around £2,500 or £70 per month.

 Tusker prides themselves on simplicity, reducing the hassles associated with managing and owning a car. With the scheme, drivers don’t have to worry about anything, apart from adding fuel. They just contact Tusker, who then manage the driver’s requirements – from servicing, maintenance and tyres to breakdowns, road tax and insurance.

What could you be driving?

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