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Kit Wisdom joins Tusker as Operations Director

Kit Wisdom, Operations Director, joined Tusker in August 2018 having previously worked at Alphabet for seven years in a variety of senior leadership roles. Here Kit tells us a little more about why he came to work for us, as well as giving us his thoughts on what he thinks the future might hold in our industry.

Kit, you’ve spent several years with Alphabet (GB) Ltd in senior leadership roles, what made you decide to come and work for Tusker?

“Tusker is a great brand which has a strong reputation in the automotive industry for being innovative and entrepreneurial so I was naturally curious when I heard the role had become available. The more I looked into the company, the more I liked the customer first approach, the flexibility within the company and the lack of limitations – the Board and Leadership Team have a real commitment to achieve their goals and move Tusker even further forward. It was definitely something I was excited to become a part of.”

So now that you’ve been here almost three months, what’s different about Tusker compared to other companies you’ve worked with? What are the challenges you’re facing?

“Tusker is genuinely, a fun, innovative and happy place to be. It’s got a real family feel to it – people care about the company and their customers which is really evident in the number of people who have been here for a long time. The unique atmosphere truly makes a difference – there’s a lot of support and collaboration across teams who pull together to overcome challenges as well as a real sense that we’re all in this together.

There’s also a strong focus on the customer and a commitment to “doing the right thing” which extends across all areas of the business. Customers recognise this and value our approach to ensuring we do the right thing for the customer and driver alike.  This is known across the industry and highlighted with customers during tenders and meetings. It really is unique.

For me personally in my role, the challenges are really interesting. Tusker has always been ahead of the curve with technology and investment in their systems and the challenge is to remain so. We’re using digital solutions to make it easier to do business with Tusker, it’s a really exciting time to be part of the company.”

Attitudes towards cars are changing, what do you imagine the future will look like for Tusker?

“We’re seeing a real shift to hybrids and electric vehicles that are low emissions and I think this will definitely continue as the Government make it easier for people to take Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (ULEVs). Range anxiety is decreasing as battery range increase and the charging infrastructure is accessible and readily available – with even small electric cars now able to do over 100 miles before a charge, it makes it more attractive for a lot of drivers. Of course, as a result of continued tax and legislation on diesel vehicles we will continue to see registration of diesels fall as people move to the hybrids or electric cars.

The introduction of an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from April 2019 onwards to help improve air quality across London, Oxford, Manchester, Southampton, Birmingham and elsewhere will mean ULEVs will become more attractive as they are such cleaner cars emissions-wise.

I think we’ll also continue to see an increase and more focus on usership versus ownership as people move more towards leasing cars and realising the benefits of this over owning their car.”

How will Tusker continue to meet the demands of customers in the future?

“Tusker has always had a focus on customer services and technology for simplicity, and this will continue to be the case. We will continue to listen to the demands of their customers, continue to work on the overall customer experience while we develop new products and services which meet their needs. We are driven to innovate and continuously looking into a number of new initiatives and service enhancements for our customers so watch this space!”

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