Employee / Salary Sacrifice
March 24, 2021

CPC Drivers: Patrick Wiseman, Reading Borough Council

CPC Drivers: Patrick Wiseman, Reading Borough Council

Patrick Wiseman, who works at Reading Borough Council first heard about Tusker’s Car Benefit scheme through the council’s benefits site and so created an account to browse the cars available on the website. The Car Benefit Scheme enables employees to have a brand new car, complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, tyres, servicing and maintenance. It’s the simplest way of driving a brand new car.

I was worried about range, but with the right planning this simply is not an issue”

Patrick explains, “The cost was a huge influence and when factoring in the included benefits such as insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and tyres – it really was a  ‘no brainer'”. Being able to do everything online and not have the hassle of visiting dealerships and navigating the sales people was also a deciding factor.

Patrick continues, “I chose the VW E-Golf due to fantastic build quality, great design and the favourable BIK % was an influence. My role involves multiple short journeys throughout the day, therefore the savings on fuel combined with a positive environmental impact, meant it was the sensible choice both financially and morally. I would highly recommend driving an electric vehicle, like other ‘new’ EV drivers, I was worried about range, but with the right planning this simply is not an issue. I charge my car on average once a week, and this provides ample mileage for my work week. I have taken it on some long journeys without issue. I do not miss filling up at the petrol station at all!

He concludes, “I highly recommend Tusker; my experience was a very positive one. The wide selection available means there is something for everyone. The information available on the website means I was able to make an informed decision prior to committing to order. The monthly amount includes insurance, tax, breakdown cover, tyres so works out so much cheaper than vehicle I had previously leased.

I could not be more pleased with my car and the service I have received so far from Tusker. Since taking delivery I have recommended the scheme to several colleagues, two of whom have subsequently ordered and received the same high level of service, and I receive regular enquiries from other colleagues thinking about ordering.”