Supporting the environment at Swansea University

Employees of Swansea University are now able to take advantage of the clever Car Benefit Scheme from Tusker. The scheme, which is fully compliant with the National Procurement Service framework, supports public sector organisations, also meets with environmental requirements, in accordance with the University’s sustainability policy.

Tusker’s Car Benefit Scheme enables employees to drive a brand new car of their choice (so long as the emissions are below 120g/Km CO2), complete with insurance, road tax, breakdown cover, maintenance and tyres, for a fixed monthly amount.

Uniquely, Tusker’s scheme is entirely carbon neutral. The company have a very ethical standpoint and offset the emissions for their organisation, as well as for each and every car they provide. They utilise a range of accredited offsetting initiatives in developing countries to ensure the emissions for the car during its lifetime, are not damaging to the environment.

Tusker, with their commitment to the environment, actively promote Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles as an alternative to traditional petrol and diesel cars. With an extensive range of ULEVs available on the scheme among the traditional vehicles, Tusker provide a wealth of information for drivers in order to support their choice of new car.

Cal Prangle, Transformational Lead: Recognition and Reward for the University, explains the decision to implement the Car Benefit Scheme from Tusker. “Tusker were already compliant with the NPS framework, providing the scheme to a variety of organisations across Wales, as well as with English Universities. We decided to offer the benefit as it’s a very positive option for our staff which also meets with environmental best practice.”

Prangle continues, “The scheme has very clear benefits for a big portion of our employees – particularly our international colleagues who may not have a credit history and could find it difficult to obtain credit for a car.”

The scheme, implemented in July 2016, has been well received by employees, who have been keen to find out more about the scheme and how it can work for them. “Tusker have been great at supporting the University with marketing materials and at events. We held a large staff benefits fair in order to demonstrate the scheme as part of our benefits package and Tusker came along and really engaged with our employees, highlighting the convenience of the scheme” Prangle says.

Tusker prides themselves on the scheme being simple to implement and manage on a daily basis, which is something Prangle agrees was the case for Swansea University, “There was a very clear implementation plan which was well structured and organised so that we knew who to talk with at each stage. Now that it’s been implemented and we have processes in place, it takes me just a few minutes to process each order which comes through. It’s very simple really.”

Tusker’s environmental credentials, and their compliance with the required frameworks is important, and something which Tusker have continued to review to ensure compliance remains.

For more information on our Car Benefit Scheme, request more information today, or give us a call.

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