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Sustainability and the Cost of Living Crisis

Sustainability and the cost of living focus don’t have to be at odds

Ali Argall, Tusker’s Business Development Director, talks of how businesses don’t have to compromise their green agendas during the current cost of living crisis.

Sustainability received a greater focus than ever before during the pandemic, and we’re seeing more and more companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprints, while still meeting their business objectives.

Offsetting, as well as tree planting and conservation efforts, can be costly ways to reduce carbon outputs, which, at a time when budgets and benefits are more of a focus than for many years previously.

As a result, more companies than ever before are launching a salary sacrifice car benefit scheme with Tusker, who, as a better-than-carbon-neutral supplier, are helping companies remove their grey fleet concerns, help their employees into safer vehicles and maximise the shift into electric vehicles in an affordable way.

Salary sacrifice schemes have been instrumental in driving down emissions – Tusker’s fleet has average emissions of 18g/km and is well on its way to achieving a zero-emission fleet before the target of 2030. More than 80% of current new car orders are for electric vehicles, while another 10% are ultra-low emission vehicles. Regardless of the emissions, all Tusker’s vehicles have the tailpipe emissions fully offset as we drive towards further electric vehicle adoption.

The scheme is effective in helping people make the switch when compared to other leasing products – the cost of second hand cars, coupled with the large deposits often required by traditional PCP or PCH leases. This is outpricing a large number of employees from getting an electric or low emission vehicle, at a time when cost efficient, as well as environmentally-friendly vehicles, are the future.

The car benefit scheme offers a way for more people to drive an electric vehicle, than would otherwise be able to, meeting both the targets for companies to reduce their carbon footprints, while also providing a sought-after benefit. Not convinced yet? Learn more about Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Schemes with Tusker.

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