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The value of employee benefits at Tusker

At Tusker, we have always provided a great benefits package.  As well as including our own Car Benefit Scheme (naturally), we also offer the Cycle to Work scheme, childcare vouchers, pension, free fruit daily and a holiday purchase scheme to our employees.

How does Tusker tackle employee benefits?

After a recent review by our HR team, senior management decided that it was time to address the growing requirement for benefits to ensure there truly is something for everyone.

 Neil Scott, Head of HR at Tusker, notes, “Tusker has grown considerably in the past few years and after a review of our benefits package, we found that some of our benefits didn’t meet the needs of some of our staff. Our current benefits needed to be integrated though – our Car Benefit Scheme for example, has a 40% take up rate, so we didn’t want to remove any.”

Wellness and employee productivity go hand in hand, and so our staff all have a range of additional benefits focussed on a healthy and happy life, thanks to the introduction of a new healthcare package. This encourages employees to live a healthier lifestyle in return for discounts and free products such as an Apple iWatch to track healthy living.

Neil continues, “Benefits are a big part of what we do, and senior management recognise the fact that if a workforce is happy, they’re more productive and more engaged.”

Employee happiness is key to us. In addition to the benefits on offer, there is an internal team responsible for “Happy Days”. Previously these have included an air-hockey tournament, quiz nights and a summer BBQ.

The company’s motto of “doing the right thing” is central to our company with employees having the option of taking part in a range of charitable activities. These have included being a Comic Relief call centre agent or part of a team completing Tough Mudder.

Paul Gilshan, CEO, has said “We regularly ask our employees for ideas to increase their happiness levels and have introduced new initiatives as a result. We want to make sure we continue to maximise our employees’ happiness levels, which we know can reduce turnover.”

Do you want to become an employer of choice?

We have obvious reasons for wanting to promote the link between benefits and employee happiness. Our car scheme has been proven to reduce employee turnover and raise motivation and productivity levels at organisations across the UK.

 If you’d like to look at becoming an employer of choice for future candidates and current staff, find out how your organisation can benefit from our Car Benefit Scheme by requesting more information today.

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