Tusker retains the CPC framework

Tusker retains the CPC framework, enabling easy public sector procurement via CPC Drive

Tusker, the UK’s leading salary sacrifice car benefits scheme provider retains its NHS North of England CPC framework for a fourth consecutive time, allowing ease of procurement for public sector employers looking to roll out car schemes for their staff.

This sole supplier framework, known as CPC Drive, allows for the provision of vehicle leasing and vehicle salary sacrifice schemes for up to a quarter of the NHS trusts and a third of ambulance services in the UK as well as many police forces, fire services education, councils, housing associations and armed forces.

As a key component to the procurement process for public sector employers, the retention of the CPC tender framework means that there is no need for organisations to conduct their own individual internal tender processes.

This vastly reduces the administration burden on the introduction of car schemes with Tusker. Even better, as access to the framework is free for such organisations, it is accessible to all such public bodies with no addition budgetary considerations.

Catherine Pugh, Commercial Manager for CPC Drive said

“Through the free to access framework, NHS trusts and public sector organisations can achieve considerable benefits by offering their employees’ salary sacrifice and lease cars through a single source. All contracts are delivered through an intuitive and fully mobile responsive web-based platform specifically designed for CPC Drive. With a bespoke and tailored offering and flexibility in the structure of the scheme to suit your specific needs and uncapped savings, CPC Drive is an innovative and green benefit.”

Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker commented,

“We’re proud to continue to work with CPC Drive, providing employees access to cleaner, safer vehicles. We’re particularly pleased the scheme enables people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle to access one for the first time. It’s a sought-after benefit for many employees who are looking for added value from their employment”

Many organisations have already benefitted from use of the scheme including Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust. Paul Fawcett, Deputy Head of Procurement and Logistics at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust said:

“CPC Drive gives us a great benefit option for our staff and our experience of working with the Tusker team has been great, they have been on hand every step of the way to answer our questions and helped us to implement an efficient service for our staff to access a range of vehicles suited to them”.

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