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Why introduce a salary sacrifice car scheme?

Competing for talent when money’s tight means finding ways to offer brilliant employee benefits without spending a penny. Salary sacrifice cars do just that and more. As well as boosting organisational budgets and making employees’ pay packets go further, CPC Drive cars are also carbon neutral, easy to set up and administer and they carry minimal risk.

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Time to go electric

Electric car options also provide employers and employees with even bigger savings. Until April 2025, electric vehicles that emit no emissions will attract a 2% Benefit in Kind rate. Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles will also attract generous tax breaks further reducing lease values. Our data shows that over a three-year zero emission car lease, employers can save on average £1,568 on Class 1 and pension contributions per year. And staff can expect to save around £4,000 over the duration of the agreement with fuel savings on top. Even if your staff don’t opt for a pure electric vehicle, hybrid cars offer some of the lowest emissions on the market all of which will be carbon offset through the CPC Drive framework.


An inclusive motoring package with CPC Drive in partnership with Tusker

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