Typical Factory Order to Delivery Timeline


What is the delivery lead time?

The delivery lead time is the amount of time it takes from placing your order to when your brand new car is delivered to your doorstep.

We know how excited you must be about getting a new car and so we aim to provide you with as accurate a lead time as possible.  We work closely with manufacturers and dealers so that they can update us on a regular basis on how the vehicle build and order is progressing, which forms the estimation for your lead time.

An average lead time for a car that’s being built to your specification is 28 weeks and below we show you what happens during this time. If you’ve ordered one of the cars that’s already in stock then it’s a much quicker process as it doesn’t need to wait for a production slot or shipping date so can often be delivered in as little as 3 weeks.



As you may have seen in the press, there is a current global shortage of semiconductors which are required for the build of new cars. This does mean that there are a number of delivery delays across all the manufacturers. Any delays due to this shortage would be in addition to the average lead times shown below. Once you’ve ordered a car with us, our team will keep you up to date with expected build and delivery dates.

In the first


  • Orders can take up to two weeks to be approved by your employer.  Once approved, your order is placed with the dealer.
  • The dealer will place the order with the manufacturer.
  • An estimated delivery date is provided and updated on our systems.

In the following


  • The order waits for a production slot.
  • The driver will need to complete a licence check.
  • The order is allocated a production date.
  • Vehicle is built and released from the factory.
  • If built outside of the UK, the vehicle is sent to the docks awaiting transport.

In the following


  • Vehicle is shipped to the UK (if built abroad).
  • Vehicle is in transit to dealer.


  • Vehicle arrives at the dealer, awaiting pre-delivery inspection and registration.
  • Final check with Tusker and employer for authority to deliver.
  • The dealer will contact the driver to agree a delivery date and time.
  • Confirmation of delivery will be sent to the driver.
  • The vehicle is finally delivered.