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Why choose CPC Drive for a contract hire solution?
Whatever your organisational goals, our bespoke fleet solutions are designed to meet them. Whether you want cars that consume less fuel and
What are the end of the contract options?
The customer has three options available at the end of the contract period. Hand the vehicle back and replace with a new
Who owns the contract hire vehicle?
Tusker remains the legal owner of the car, with the employee (and their spouse) listed as the registered user(s).
What’s the difference between contract hire and salary sacrifice?
Contract Hire is essentially business leasing between the employer and CPC Drive, whereby the employer provides the car as a benefit of
What are the key benefits of contract hire?
Contract Hire allows businesses to outsource the management and administration of their fleet of company cars. It enables organisations to control their
What is contract hire?
Contact Hire is essentially a car lease, which is provided as a benefit of being employed, often termed ‘company car’. They are