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Are electric cars automatic?
Yes, they don’t have gear boxes.
How many makes and models are there?
Lots! Almost all manufacturers have an electric car model in their range and you can get electric vehicles in most car bodystyles
What are electric cars like to drive?
Electric vehicles have instant responses when accelerating due to 100% of torque being available at all times, they’re extremely quiet, and very
What are the benefits of electric cars?
There are lots of benefits of driving an electric car. Two of the main benefits are the cost savings and also the
What is the difference between a ULEV and an EV?
ULEV stands for Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle, which are cars with less than 75g CO2/Km and tend to be hybrid. Electric vehicles (EVs)
What is a ULEV?
A ULEV (Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle) is a vehicle that emits 75g or less of CO2 per kilometre. There are two main types:
Are Electric Vehicles exempt from Benefit in Kind tax?
No, they’re not exempt but they benefit from the lowest level of company car tax. Currently Benefit in Kind is 2% from
What is ‘taxed at source’?
If a benefit is ‘taxed at source’ it means that the benefit you receive has already had the Benefit-in-Kind tax taken off.
What happens if employees resign or are made redundant?
We work with employers to offer a range of lifestyle protections should an employees’ circumstances change such as maternity or paternity leave,