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Global Factors Affecting Pricing and Supply in the UK Automotive & Leasing Industry
Drive electric, there's never been a better time
This clean air day, Tusker are highlighting that there has never been a better time to drive a new Electric Vehicle. There’re
The most affordable way to drive an electric car and no one is talking about it.
From April 2020, electric vehicles became even cheaper than petrol or diesel cars thanks to salary sacrifice Drivers could save an average
About the VAT treatment of NHS Salary Sacrifice lease cars
The Court of Appeal (COA) decision (Revenue and Customs Commissioners v Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust [2020] EWCA CIV 874) Last year,
Tusker furthers green committment
We’re pleased to announce further commitments to the environment after joining the EV100 run by The Climate Group. Tusker are celebrating 10
HMRC confirm on Zero Emission Range (ZER)
As you may be aware HMRC issued an Employer Bulletin (Issue 82) last week which included a section regarding the information required
Tusker announce collaboration with Diode
Tusker have announced a new collaboration with Diode to deliver electrification strategies for organisations across the UK. Tusker, the UK’s leading Car
Tusker halves new car emission in six months with 40% Electric orders
Tusker has announced that emissions on new car orders have halved in the last six months. Three in five (60%) of the
Tusker's car benefit scheme becomes the best way to drive electric
Tusker, the car benefit people, has welcomed the Government’s Response to the Review of WLTP and Vehicle Taxes, which will result in