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The Future of Electric Cars
EV orders soar as car tailpipe emissions plunge
All of CPC Drive’s tailpipe emissions are offset through Tusker. Tusker’s tailpipe emissions have nosedived since 2021, while its EV delivery numbers
Cupra Manufacturer Profile
Cupra Manufacturer Profile Not familiar with the Cupra name? This relatively new Spanish brand aims to inject some Latin flair into the
SEAT Spotlight
SEAT Spotlight Seat has been around for over seven decades and offers a broad range of cars, including hatchbacks that are easy
Net vs. Gross in Salary Sacrifice
Net vs gross in salary sacrifice: Looking to take advantage of  CPC Drive’s inclusive motoring package that provides an affordable way for
Electric Vehicle Mythbusting
We have collated some of the most common myths about electric cars to hopefully help you make the switch to an EV;
2035 Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars
What is changing? All new petrol and diesel cars and vans are set to be banned from sale in the UK in
How to Maximise EV Range
We all love to get the most for our money, be that in the supermarket or when charging our cars. Many new
ULEZ Questions Answered
What is the London ULEZ? London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone was introduced to improve air quality in central London by imposing a